Gemdog and His Friends Have Arrived in Kleptodogs


Proving that cats aren’t the only species that can “find” stuff for their owners, developer Hyperbeard has launched Kleptodogs, a canine take on Kleptocats.

Like Kleptocats and Kleptocats 2, Kleptodogs is all about collecting animals that can then be sent out to go and fill your rooms with unusual objects. How? By digging of course. Players can now amass an army of dogs that will go out and find useful (and useless) items and bring them home. Your loyal minions can bring back anything from tacos to radishes and football helmets.

In practice, Kleptodogs is primarily an time management game. Players send off their dogs and then wait for them to return with new items before sending them off again. In between digging for buried treasure players can give their dogs treats, pet them, wash them, play with them, and more. There are also some mini games to play to earn a few coins that can go towards dressing up your favorite pups.

Lots of different dogs to collect, plenty of items for them to go out and fetch, not necessarily a lot of gameplay to be had. Like its well liked predecessors that each have over 1 million downloads on Google Play to go along with 4.6 star ratings, Kleptodogs banks on giving players a dose of cute animals on their phones.

Kleptodogs is free and contains ads and in app purchases.

Interested? Check out the casual game on Google Play.

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