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Kingsman: The Golden Circle Out Now on Google Play

Kingsman: The Golden Circle from NHN PixelCube Corp. is now available on Google Play. Pre-registration for the game has been open for some time now, and it looks like the game is now ready to go. Kingsman is based on the movie/comic book franchise of the same name. The second movie, also called Kingsman: The Golden Circle, will be coming out later this month.

Kingsman is a match 3 game with combat, with success in the match 3 portion and the gear you have equipped largely determining your combat success. The game features a story mode, real-time PVP, missions, and an endless mode. It has a lot of items to collect and upgrade, much of which will have an impact of your combat abilities. It’s free to play with in app purchases. Here are some of the game’s promised features as advertised on Google Play, and the official trailer if you want to see the game in action:

  • Make matches quickly before the enemies take you down, interrupt bosses with your timing and skills, and utilize quick-time events on the puzzle board.
  • Choose your favorite outfit and loadout for each of your agents. Pick from a variety of suits that alter your character’s skills, then upgrade and augment their gear, guns, and gadgets.
  • Intense PVP Action! Real-time combat — multiple PVP modes to suit your style of play.

Interested? Check out Kingsman: The Golden Circle Game on Google Play

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