Football Flinger “Kings of Soccer” Has Its Worldwide Launch

Kings of Soccer

After a soft launch period, Hugo Games’ new football (soccer) game is now available worldwide. Kings of Soccer lets players fling their favorite players around the pitch as they try to score on their opponent.

In Kings of Soccer players take turns flinging their players in order to control the field, score goals, and defend. That might mean attacking the ball directly, or being more strategic and tackling your opponent’s players and getting them out of position. To accommodate the flinging and ricochet focused gameplay style, Kings of Soccer is played on a fairly small field with invisible walls on the boundaries.

The game features a host of real clubs and stars including FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Arsenal FC. Beyond just clubs, players will be able to take a managerial role and build their team, manage their their formations, and head into multiplayer matches against other players. As players win matches in the game’s multiplayer mode and advance in the rankings they will be able to upgrade their stadium, showing off their accomplishments.

Kings of Soccer is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

In Kings of Soccer you must carefully manage and coach your fantasy football dream team, develop your players into football stars, avoid injuries, score goals and fight your way from the lowest football leagues all the way up to the highest levels of international success in intense multiplayer challenges.

Your chance for ultimate glory is here. Will you buckle under the pressure or win big as a football manager, dominate the multiplayer scene and be the next King of Soccer?

Interested? Check out the soccer game on Google Play.

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