SHMUP RPG “King’s Knight” to Shut Down Later This Year

King's Knight

In a further reminder that online games do not last forever, Square Enix has chosen that it’s time to pull the plug on their mobile re-imagining of King’s Knight, as announced on the game’s social media channels.

King’s Knight is a shoot ’em up that let players take control of a variety of heroes as they went through the game’s levels. The game featured destructible environments, gacha hero collection, auto play, co-op and boss fights.

King’s Knight launched on Android and iOS in 2017 without much fanfare. The game currently holds a dismal 3.4 star rating on Google Play with a less than impressive 100,000+ downloads despite some cross-promotional campaigns. Since the game’s launch users have complained about the controls, the game’s in app purchases, and bugs. While it is not unusual for a game to receive some negative user reviews early on in its launch as a result of bugs, the average will often recover over time. This was not the case with King’s Knight. The game’s poor controls, pay to win tendencies, and overall quality led to a 2/5 rating in Android Sloth’s review of the game.

The game’s impending shutdown in the latest in a long line of online mobile games that have been shut down over the past year. Whether it is Gamevil’s War of Crown, Nexon’s Dragon Nest 2: Legend, or Chaos Chronicle, gamers should be aware that online games may be shut down as their user base dwindles or the company running the game decides it’s time to go in a different direction. These games are experiences.

Square Enix’s shoot ’em up will be shut down on June 26th, 2018. The game’s in app purchases have already been disabled.

Interested in giving the game a try? Check out the soon to be shut down SHMUP on Google Play.

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