NetEase Starts Beta Test For King of Hunters

King of Hunters

NetEase Games has launched an early access version of yet another battle royale game, but this time it’s different. King of Hunters takes the battle royale genre into the middle ages, focusing on melee combat and maneuverability.

Like most battle royale games, players drop in on their map without any gear or items and have to scrounge for supplies while trying to be the last person standing. As with other games in the genre, King of Hunters also features a constantly shrinking map, player looting, and occasional chest spawns that are designed to lure players out of hiding.

While most battle royale titles are shooters, this middle ages game focuses on melee combat. Players can pick up various axes, daggers, and swords as they try to find their weapon of choice. Each weapon has its own skill set, giving the game’s combat a slightly MOBA-esque feel.

As players explore their surroundings, they’ll be able to jump to different floors, explore the insides of buildings, and hide in some of the game’s grass to try for stealth attacks. Knowledge of one’s surroundings is doubly important due to the presence of traps that can be enabled by the competition.

King of Hunters gameplay
Building interiors are fair game in King of Hunters.

During this beta test, players are only given the option to play random matches, which places them in either squad or solo modes against a modest 40 or so opponents.

NetEase Games is best known for its current established trio of battle royale games, though Rules of Survival is among Android Sloths best mobile battle royale games, the three games are extremely similar. The company has previously launched beta tests for the Fortnite-like Fortcraft, and the more sci-fi focused Project: Battle.

King of Hunters is free and currently does not contain any ads or in app purchases. It’s available on Google Play.

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