The King of Fighters All Star Scheduled to Launch Outside of Japan in 2018

The King of Fighter All Star

During an earnings conference call earlier today, Netmarble CEO Kwon Young Sig confirmed that the South Korean developer and publisher is planning to launch an international version of The King of Fighters All Star later this year.

The King of Fighters All Star launched on July 26, 2018 in Japan, and strays from the series’ fighting game roots, instead going in a beat ’em up direction. Players collect and power up fighters from throughout the franchise’s history and take them into quick stages, taking on numerous enemies and the occasional boss. The game also includes a PVP mode where each player uses three of his or her fighters but only uses one of them at a time, making for a more fighting game style mode.

The game mostly splits its focus between action oriented beat ’em up gameplay and RPG mechanics that allow players to power up their fighters. The latter gives players the ability to gain an advantage through available in app purchases, while the former adds a skill element to the game.

While it plays more like a beat ’em up brawler, All Star has not entirely abandoned its roots. Players can still block, utilize a variety of attacks, chain together combos, and even juggle their opponents in the air.

Although an international version of All Star is planned for 2018, it does not necessarily mean a global launch. Netmarble has previously had soft launch phases which have lasted for months. The only confirmed region is South Korea, but other regions are expected. The next game from Netmarble in North America and Europe is more likely to be the upcoming Destiny Knights, which has already opened up pre-registration for its global launch version.

The King of Fighter All Star will be free to play and contain in app purchases.

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