Jam City Acquires Brainz, Will Publish “World War Doh”

Jam City logo

Jam City has announced that they have acquired Bogata, Columbia based development studio Brainz. The acquisition is of both the team their assets including the upcoming strategy game World War Doh.

World War Doh shares a number of similarities with Supercell’s hit strategy game Clash Royale. Both are head to head strategy games that let players summon a variety of units using a limited energy pool as they try to take down their opponent. World War Doh goes all in on humor, with units like the Catelling Gun, Confetti the Yeti and No Riot Pete. The game also features a lot more cartoonish violence with plenty of chopped off limbs and even some decapitations. Unlike other games in the genre that put the player in the role of a behind the scenes general commanding his troops, World War Doh has players take the role of a general that goes to the front lines to summon his troops.

Players can pre-register for the game today in order to be notified when the game will be available in their part of the world.

Jam City is a California based developer behind hit casual games like Cookie Jam and Panda Pop. The company has also worked on a number of licensed games including Snoopy Pop, Family Guy-Another Feakin’ Mobile Game and the upcoming Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

World War Doh will be free and contain in app purchases. It is scheduled to be released in late 2018. Here is some gameplay footage:

Interested? Check out the strategy game’s official website.

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