“It’s Full of Sparks” Brings Its Firecrackers to Android

It's Full of Sparks

Noodlecake Studios has released Dabadu Games’s It’s Full of Sparks on Android. Full of Sparks is an arcade game that requires players to quickly switch colors as they traverse the game’s 80+ levels. Each time a player enables a color, obstacles and bridges of that color will disappear. That means that deadly block with spikes will be out of your way, but so will the bridge preventing you from falling to your doom.

Though players are free to go at their own pace, the game rewards players based on their completion time. Being more aggressive can mean a faster time but it also makes the game more challenging as timing things just right becomes a requirement. Players can compete to reach the top of the leaderboards in each of the game’s environments.

Noodlecake Studios is a Canadian indie game studio that has developed or published some of Android’s biggest games. The studio is responsible for the Super Stickman Golf series and has published many indie titles including Alto’s Adventure, Punch Quest, Flappy Golf, and Death Road to Canada.

It’s Full of Sparks is free and contains ads and in app purchases. The game gives players a limited number of firecrackers (lives/retries) to play with initially, and they can be replenished over time, by enabling ads, by watching optional ads, or players can purchase unlimited lives with an in app purchase. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

It’s Full of Sparks is a beautiful platforming experience about the life of a firecracker. Embark on a journey to find The Old One, a mythical firecracker whose fuse has never been lit. But what is life without sparks? 

Interested? Check out the explosive game on Google Play.

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