A Digital Adaptation of Board Game Istanbul Is Coming

Istanbul board game

Acram Digital, the company behind the digital adaptations of board games Eight-Minute Empire and Steam: Rails To Riches will be releasing another board game adaptation. Istanbul is a board game that is all about trading.

Players take the role of merchants that travel a bazaar with their assistants. Their goal is to be more successful than the competition by managing their time and resources wisely.

The digital adaptation of Istanbul will feature both single player matches against the AI and multiplayer modes. Players will be able to play with friends in the game’s pass and play mode, as well as its online multiplayer mode which will have give players the ability for asynchronous play.

No price has been announced for the digital adaptation of Istanbul. For reference, Acram Digital’s previous two titles are currently $4.99 each on Google Play and both have in app purchases that allowed users to buy extra maps for the game. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description with the basic rules of the game:

“You are leading a merchant and four assistants through the 16 Places of the bazaar. At each Place, you can carry out a specific action. The
Basic rules of the game: challenge is that to carry out an action at any of those Places, your merchant needs the help of an assistant and has to leave him behind. To use that assistant again later, your merchant has to come back to that Place and pick him up. So plan ahead carefully to avoid being left with no assistants and thus unable to do anything …”

Interested? Check out the game’s official website on Google Play.

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