Pre-registration Now Available for Netmarble’s Iron Throne

Iron Throne

Hot off of the launch of the fishing RPG Fishing Strike, Netmarble has opened up pre-registration for an upcoming strategy game. Iron Throne promises a selection of different heroes, tactical battles, and online multiplayer.

For the most part, Iron Throne is a fairly standard mobile strategy game. There are plenty of upgrades available, an overworld map with travel timers when moving from one location to the next, and lots of opportunities for players who choose to spend significant amounts of money to gain an advantage.

Developed by 4Plat, the game’s promised twist to the basic formula is the Town Mode, an RPG focused game mode with a story.

Pre-registration for the game will yield players some extra gold and equipment based on the number of players that pre-register. Here are the promised pre-registration and launch event rewards:

  • 1,000 Gold (Tier 1 pre-registration reward)
  • Dimensional Conqueror Helm (Tier 2 pre-registration reward)
  • Dimensional Conqueror Greatsword (Tier 3 pre-registration reward)
  • Dimensional Conqueror Armor (Received as a reward for joining a guild after launch)
  • Dimensional Conqueror Shield (Received as a reward for upgrading your citadel to level 10)
  • Dimensional Conqueror Belt (Received as a reward for hunting a level 10 monster)

Players can pre-register on Google Play and the game’s official website.

Iron Throne was previously known as Firstborn: Kingdom Come. Netmarble opted to rename the game earlier this month.

Iron Throne will be free and contain in app purchases when it launches later this year. The game is already available in select countries as part of its soft launch campaign. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

[Key Features]

  • -Stunning HD Graphics-
  • Experience an astonishing, realistic world with high-resolution 3D graphics.

  • -Infinite Challenges-
  • Create your own epic story by building a castle, recruiting heroes, and establishing a great kingdom.

  • -RTS Game Meets MMO-
  • Engage in real-time battle anywhere in the world! Limitless battles await you.

  • -Alliance Battles-
  • Cooperate with and compete against global users in alliance war.

Interested? Check out the strategy game on Google Play.

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