Netmarble’s new Strategy Game Iron Throne Is Out Now

Iron Throne global launch

Best known outside of Korea for Lineage 2: Revolution, Netmarble’s newest title is now available worldwide. Previously named Firstborn: Kingdom Come, Iron Throne follows the familiar strategy game formula set out by games like Game of War and adopted by more recent titles like Game of Thrones and Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. Netmarble and developer 4Plat have promised to give that formula a new twist with the game’s Town Mode.

The basic formula is familiar to anyone who has played any of the numerous similar mobile strategy games available on Android & iOS. Players are given control of a town and are tasked with upgrading their buildings, setting up new resource gathering buildings, and recruiting troops. There are multiple resources to keep track of, no real control over how the town develops beyond a few resource gathering buildings, and timers attached to just about everything the player does. Once players recruit their troops, they can go to the world map and attack monsters and other players.

Where Iron Throne promises to be different is in its Town Mode, a new mode that promises an RPG twist to the mobile strategy game formula. That includes quests and a storyline for players to follow. The Town Mode is augmented with a number of other different modes including Team Deathmatch and a Battle Royale mode.

The mobile strategy game is quite lucrative, with a large number of the highest grossing games on Google Play in North America being strategy games that feature similar features to Iron Throne. Even games that aren’t quite near the top of the highest grossing charts can generate a lot of revenue. Big Huge Games and Nexon’s Dominations has generated $150 million in revenue in the 3 years since its launch despite rarely being among the highest grossing titles on Android. At the same time this is also a highly competitive market where many companies spend significant amounts of money on marketing.

Iron Throne is free and contains in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

[Key Features]
-Infinite Challenges-
Create your own epic story by building a castle, recruiting heroes, and establishing a great kingdom.

-RTS Game Meets MMO-
Engage in real-time battle anywhere in the world! Limitless battles await you.

-Alliance Battles-
Cooperate with and compete against global users in alliance war.

-Various Modes-
Battle Royale – Fight a purely strategic match on equal grounds without losing units!
Team Deathmatch – Dominate the battleground with fantastic team play.
Dimensional Battle – Follow the epic history and unfold the game’s story.
Town Mode – Solve the mysterious and dangerous quests with your castle’s townsfolk.

Interested? Check out the strategy game on Google Play.

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