Iron Marines Is Getting a New Planet Later This Month

Iron Marines Borealis

Ironhide Game Studio’s sci-fi strategy game is getting a new world for gamers to conquer. The icy planet Borealis is coming to the mobile RTS on September 27th, 2018. Though the new planet was originally teased in early August, today sees the debut of the trailer for the upcoming update.

More than just an icy world to play around in, the Borealis update will see the addition of new units, enemies, mechanics, and heroes.

The Iron Marines Borealis update isn’t the only thing Ironhide has in the works, the Uruguayan studio is also working on a new entry in the popular Kingdom Rush series, Kingdom Rush: Vengeance.

Launched last year, Iron Marines is a single player real-time strategy game that offers up dozens of levels for gamers to play through on multiple difficulty settings as they upgrade units, recruit heroes, and try out different strategic approaches.

Iron Marines is $4.99 and contains in app purchases. The game is available on Google Play. Check out the trailer for the upcoming update:

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