Inochi Offers Mobile Gamers Some Mech Customization


After last year’s release of Pooka: Magic & Mischief, KISS Publishing has released a new game that also lets users customize their characters. Inochi trades in the magic for some mechanized mayhem as players take their AniMechs into the action.

Just as Pooka let players customize their very own creatures, Inochi lets players customize their animal mech hybrids, or AniMechs. Each AniMech is made up of 6 different parts, and players can mix and match parts from different mech types to build a creation that suits them.

After creating their AniMech players can put them to the test. Inochi offers a range of mini games that can be used to unlock new parts.

Inochi is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description and a trailer with more information:

Unlock awesome new parts to customise and upgrade your AniMech with crazy cross over creations; there are millions of different combinations so you can make your Hero as unique as you are! Master an expanding arsenal of powerful moves and abilities.

Harness the ultimate mystical energy force that powers all – Inochi – and use your growing battle skills to defeat the King of Rust. 

Interested? Check out the mech game on Google Play.

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