Ingress Prime is a Reboot of Niantic’s Debut AR Game

Ingress Prime

Before Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was announced, before Pokémon GO became a worldwide phenomenon, there was Ingress. Niantic Inc. released their first augmented reality game in 2012, since then it has been downloaded more than 20 million times. Now they have decided to reboot Ingress, opting to call the new project Ingress Prime.

Ingress is a science fiction augmented reality game that uses real world locations to create an AR experience. Players take the role of agents for either The Enlightened or The Resistance and must complete various tasks and capture portals which are often real world landmarks. Ingress Prime will attempt to redesign the game’s user interface and sound design while adding a brand new story arc to the game. Although Ingress Prime will seek to reboot Ingress, current players will keep their progress, including their level and items.

Although it has been eclipsed by the wildly successful Pokémon GO, Ingress was a game that proved that augmented reality could be more than just a silly gimmick. However, unlike with Pokemon GO, users and developers did not warm up to GPS based AR games quite as quickly. Now, more than 5 years after the original game, it appears that users ready to embrace AR and Niantic has an opportunity to further improve on their first game using modern devices and the cameras they offer.

Ingress Prime is scheduled to be released some time in 2018 for iOS and Android devices. It will most likely be free and contain in app purchases. Here is a trailer:

Interested? Check out the official website for Ingress Prime.

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