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INFINIROOM Is a New Single Room Endless Runner

If you have ever had a nightmare (or fantasy, this is a judgment free zone) that involves endlessly running in circles while trapped in a room that is trying to kill you, INFINIROOM might be the game for you. Players choose their character, and are then dropped into a room and start running in circles on the room’s floor, ceiling and walls. Because running around in an empty room would be boring, developer Lonebot decided that players would need company. So as soon as you begin your run around the room, some nice boxes begin spawning. Those boxes will of course kill you if you touch them.

As you keep playing, INFINIROOM will begin to shrink and expand, and new obstacles and hazards will begin to appear. Players start out with a single character that can jump and has a special ability that allows him to instantly switch which side of the room he is on, and start running in the opposite direction. Other characters can be unlocked by meeting certain requirements and they have their own abilities.

INFINIROOM is an endless runner that is well suited for being played in short bursts as most attempts will likely result in the player’s death in under a minute. The game is free to play, and has ads and in app purchases. The first character (Flip) can be used for free without any restrictions, but other characters require tickets to use (or a one time purchase in the game that gives players unlimited tickets and removes ads). Here’s an official trailer with a look at the game:

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