The Maplestory M Beta Is Over, Is It a Game Worth Waiting For?

MapleStory M

Nexon has wrapped up the “closed” beta test for the global version of MapleStory M after a little over a week of all sorts of events and giveaways. Accounts and progress have been wiped (as expected), and players wanting to journey back into the world of Maple on their smartphones will need to wait for the game’s full release. So what has the beta taught us about the game?

It’s MapleStory

MapleStory M looks and feels about as close to the original PC MMORPG as one could expect. If you spent any time playing the game on PC, the graphics of MapleStory M will instantly bring you back to those days. MapleStory veterans will also notice familiar abilities, enemies, and items. The gameplay, while not quite as responsive because of the switch from a mouse and keyboard to a virtual joystick and buttons, still feels right.

MapleStory M Gameplay

Everything in MapleStory M worked as expected as far as gameplay and visuals go. The only hiccups occurred when trying to manually control one’s character while questing is left on auto. That brings us to the next point.

It is a mobile RPG

While it looks and mostly feels like MapleStory on PCs, MapleStory M is unmistakably a mobile game. The most glaring difference is one of the most controversial features in mobile gaming, auto mode. Players can automatically kill quest related monsters and travel from one quest location to another without ever touching their phone or tablet. While that takes away some of the tedium, it also takes away a lot of gameplay opportunities. Perhaps for the best, the auto mode AI is far from being able to match an active player. Players actively playing the game will be faster and better at engaging monsters than the AI, and that means they can take on harder content. There is also an auto mode for standard grinding, but it has its limits.

Was the MapleStory M beta test pay to win?

While premium currency was not sold during the test, there is no mistaking it, MapleStory M is a game that gives users the opportunity to get a significant advantage by spending money. While some games may limit that to removing timers or buying loot crates, MapleStory M offered users a lot more than that. During the beta the game did sell loot crates filled with equipment for premium currency, it also had an item shop full of stuff to buy. Players could acquire potions and foods to temporarily boost their stats, cosmetic items to make their character stand out, and a number of items that can be put under the convenience category.

MapleStory M item shop
Selling users a temporary 30% boost to their stat of choice might be a bit too much for some users.

A big caveat

If you thought that the game showered you with items and premium currency during the closed beta test, you would be correct. MapleStory M, like many other games running beta tests that will wipe all beta progress, gave players plenty of items and currency over the course of the test. This lets players explore and test more of the content. It can also give less experienced users the impression that the game is too easy because they received great gear early on. The launch version of the game will not be quite as generous as the beta, and players will likely find themselves needing to grind a little more than they did while testing the game.

Worth waiting for?

If you’re looking to delve into the world of Maple on your smartphone, MapleStory M will give you a way to do it. That is especially appealing for users who have played the original PC MMORPG. Users looking for a game that lets everyone compete on an even playing field will be disappointed if the item shop in the beta test is any indication. If you were a fan of the original MapleStory, then M is something worth experiencing. That being said, there is nothing quite like MapleStory M on Google Play right now, and depending on your tolerance for pay to win elements, MapleStory M looks like a game worth watching.