Asymmetrical Horror Game Identity V’s Launch Has Arrived

Identity V

NetEase Games has launched the English version of their asymmetrical multiplayer horror game Identity V on Google Play following its release on the App Store last week.

While the idea that smartphones will replace consoles and PCs for gamers is definitely a long ways off, a number of games released in the past year have made valiant attempts at creating hardcore gaming experiences for mobile users. Among them are Tencent with the launches of PUBG Mobile and the MOBA Arena of Valor, and NetEase Games, the company behind a slew of battle royale games, MMORPG Crusaders of Light, and now Identity V.

Inspired by PC games like Dead by Daylight, Identity V pits a team of four survivors against a single hunter as they try to escape the deathtrap of a mansion and its surrounding yard. The player that takes the role of the hunter will be tasked with capturing the survivors before they manage to escape.

The four survivors will need to utilize their abilities in order to find and unlock a number of ciphers in order to unlock the gate and escape, while the hunter will need to figure out a strategy to find and capture each survivor. To keep things from getting too predictable, the game’s map changes from match to match to prevent users from using the exact same strategy for each time they play.

Both Identity V’s survivors and hunters come in a variety of classes and have their own unique abilities. Players will be able to customize their characters with a selection of cosmetic items.

In a move that may reduce the number of players calling Identity V a Dead by Daylight knock-off, NetEase have partnered with Dead by Daylight developer Behavior Digital. The company has also brought on a couple of members the Dead by Daylight team to consult on Identity V.

NetEase Games previously held a closed beta test for Identity V and progress made during the beta has been reset. Players who used the game’s in app purchases during the beta will receive a rebate in premium currency.

Identity V is free and contains in app purchases.

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