Asymmetrical Multiplayer Horror Game Identity V Enters Closed Beta

Identity V

NetEase Games, the company behind Crusaders of Light and a number of mobile battle royale titles, has started a closed beta test for their new multiplayer horror game Identity V. The beta test is set to run for the next three days and is officially available in Australia, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia, though the game also appears to be on Google Play in the US as well.

Identity V is a Dead by Daylight style 4 vs 1 multiplayer game where four plays take the role of survivors and one player takes the role of a hunter. The survivors have to figure out how to survive and eventually escape while the hunter does everything in his/her power to track them down and end their game. The game takes a much lighter approach to its art style than the more serious Dead by Daylight, with fanciful costumes and significantly brighter and more stylized graphics.

NetEase has taken a number of steps to ensure that Identity V offers gamers some variety, hoping to avoid the boredom associated of playing the same basic match over and over again. Aside from the obvious ability to play as either the hunter or one of the survivors, players will have a choice of more than 20 characters, each of which can be further customized. The game’s map is procedurally generated, with the goal being to make every game different. This could potentially lead to players not relying on tried and true strategies to trap their prey or escape.

Progress made during the testing period will be wiped before the game’s official launch, as is often the case with closed beta tests. In an unusual move, gamers can make in app purchases during the beta and they will receive whatever they purchase during the beta, and a full rebate once the game officially launches.

The beta test is set to run from May 11th to May 14th, giving gamers just three days to test out NetEase’s new multiplayer horror game.

Identity V is free and contains in app purchases. Here is a trailer with a look at the game:

Interested? Check out the horror game on Google Play. Note that the link will not work in regions where the game is not currently available.

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