Ubisoft’s Hungry Dragon Takes Another Step Towards Global Launch

Hungry Dragon

Android gamers around the world will soon be able to devour peasants, knights, and lords as they rampage through medieval villages and castles in Ubisoft’s Hungry Dragon.

Hungry Dragon lets players take control of a dragon as it flies through villages, caves, farms, and other environments breathing fire and eating anything that it can get its jaws around. Along with mostly helpless humans, players will be able to dine on farm animals, witches, trolls, and other creatures they come across on their medieval rampage.

As with games in the Hungry Shark series, players will be able to unlock different playable dragons, upgrade their favorites, and acquire pets that will help increase the devastation they will inflict on the world.

As part of the game’s pre-registration campaign, players that pre-register will receive a special pet when the game launches.

Hungry Dragon has been available in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and the Philippines as part of the game’s soft launch. Ubisoft tends to have long soft launches that include numerous changes to the game before they move toward a global release. This was the case with past games like South Park: Phone Destroyer as well as currently soft launched titles like Assassin’s Creed Rebellion and Tom Clancy’s Shadowbreak.

This is an extension of the Hungry Shark series, which includes two of the most popular mobile games around. Hungry Shark Evolution has accumulated more than 100 million downloads through Google Play, while Hungry Shark World has surpassed 50 million. The paid virtual reality enabled Hungry Shark VR has not been quite as successful as the series’ free to play entries, only surpassing one thousand downloads.

Hungry Dragon will be free and contain ads and in app purchases.

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