Hungry Dragon’s Global Launch Has Arrived

Hungry Dragon

Players can now rampage through medieval villages, caves, and graveyards as they terrorize the people and creatures of Hungry Dragon. The follow-up to Hungry Shark lets players take to the skies as they chomp on birds, humans, farm animals, and all sorts of other creatures.

The goal of Hungry Dragon is to devour as much of the populace and wildlife as possible before running out of health. That going through villages filled with humans, goblin infested caves, and flocks of birds while consuming anything you can get your jaws on. Because your dragon’s appetite is insatiable, you will constantly need to feed in order to stay alive. That, combined with various dangerous creatures and obstacles, will attempt to stop your rampage.

As players advance in the game they will be able to unlock new costumes, dragons, and pets. Each of these will help them progress further in the game and set higher scores by giving them buffs, helping them earn more gold, or letting them eat larger creatures and break down larger barriers.

This is an extension of the Hungry Shark series, which includes two of the most popular mobile games around. Hungry Shark Evolution has accumulated more than 100 million downloads through Google Play, while Hungry Shark World has surpassed 50 million. The paid virtual reality enabled Hungry Shark VR has not been quite as successful as the series’ free to play entries, only surpassing one thousand downloads.

Hungry Dragon is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here’s a trailer with the look at the game:

Interested? Check out the action game on Google Play.

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