Humble Mobile Bundle 22 Is Here With 8 Android Games

Humble Mobile Bundle 22

The newest Humble Mobile bundle is now available. This is your chance to pick up 8 Android games for as little as $5 (or more if you’re feeling generous), or pay less and still get a few games worth playing. The game’s in this week’s bundle come from a variety of developers, and the featured charity is the American Cancer Society. As always, users have the option to decide how the money from their purchase is split among the developers, Humble Bundle, and charities or non-profits.

Humble Mobile Bundle 22 features the charming puzzles of Splitter Critters, puzzle RPG action of Star Vikings Forever, the excellent adventure game Oxenfree and zombie slaying fun of Death Road to Canada, and more. This gives players a great chance to fill some holes in their Android gaming library without breaking the bank.

If you’ve been looking to get more games on your phone that aren’t built around IAPs, this is a great place to start. This time around if you pay more than $1 you will also receive the soundtrack of Galaxy of Pen & Paper.

As with all Humble Mobile Bundles, the games are not delivered via Google Play, but either through the Humble Bundle website or their official Android app. In the past games distributed through these bundles have had a mixed track record of getting updated, with the Google Play version sometimes getting patched long before the updated version has become available through Humble.

Included games

$1 tier (pay $1 or more):

  • Splitter Critters
  • Star Vikings Forever
  • Galaxy of Pen & Paper

Beat the average tier (currently $3.01)

  • Oxenfree
  • Mushroom 11
  • Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story

$5 or more tier:

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Note: Not all games are available in all countries. Discounts and prices may vary by region. Unless otherwise stated, all prices are in USD.
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