Trivia Game Show With Real Money Prizes “HQ Trivia” Arrives on Android

HQ Trivia

Intermedia Labs’ HQ Trivia is now available on Android. At this time the app is in designated as “unreleased” a category for apps that are still in early-access or open beta and might have a few bugs. HQ Trivia is a unique trivia experience that promises players real cash prizes. The game bills itself as a live trivia game show, and that’s an accurate description of what the game or app experience is like. Players compete against each other by answering a series of trivia questions as the show’s host tries to create a fun environment for players. The players who answer every question correctly split a prize pool of real money (paid out through Paypal). The games take place live every day at 9 PM EST, and at 3 PM EST on weekdays.

HQ Trivia launched earlier this year on iOS. To prevent users from looking up the answers to each question online HQ Trivia only gives users a very limited amount of time in which they can answer each question. That also means that players have no time to think about the question, and if they can’t recall the answer they will have to go with their gut and guess from one of the given options. Games are also accompanied by live chat, similar to various live video platforms. HQ Trivia can be viewed as an attempt to create appointment viewing television in the smartphone age. Instead of the convenience of playing the game at any time, players instead need to all tune in at the same time. That’s less convenient but it has the potential to make each trivia event a social experience.

HQ Trivia is free and does not contain any ads or in app purchases.

Interested? Check out the live trivia game show on Google Play.

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