Hotel Transylvania Gets a New Mobile Match 3 RPG Ahead of Third Movie

Hotel Transylvania: Monsters

Ahead of the July 13th premier of Hotel Transylvania 3, Sony has released a mobile game based on the animated franchise. Hotel Transylvania: Monsters is a match 3 RPG that has players match tiles as they battle monsters.

The game takes place during the Blood Moon Festival, where monsters compete to prove their strength and players will be able to collect more than 50 unique monsters. They will get the chance to compete against dozens of monsters and try to complete more than 100 singe player challenges. The game also has a versus mode for those looking to match their monsters’ strength against another player’s team.

At its core the game is about two things: tile matching and upgrading monsters. Users will need to upgrade their heroes with relics and Terror Tomes in order to do more damage and have more health, at the same time they work on mastering the game’s match 3 mechanics.

Hotel Transylvania: Monsters is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is a trailer with a look at the game.

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