Horror Game “The Letter” Now on Android

The Letter

Just before Halloween wraps up, Yangyang Mobile has released their Asian horror film inspired visual novel The Letter on Android. The Letter has players take control of 7 different characters throughout the game, with each of the game’s 7 chapters having its own characters. As the game is played, the choices players make will help determine their character’s relationships, and how the rest of the story will unfold. The game is complete with English voice acting, quick time events, and lots of scares.

As is often the case with visual novels, The Letter is built with replay value in mind. As previously mentioned, decisions players make will impact the game and The Letter also has multiple endings Players who want to go back and see how things would have turned out if they had made different decisions, have the option to use the fast forward button that lets you quickly skip dialogue.

The Letter is free to try, but playing past the first chapter will cost you. You can either buy one chapter at a time for $2.99 each, or unlock all six remaining chapters for one price. The Letter was originally released on Steam in July of 2017, and has 92% positive reviews. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description and an official trailer with more information:

* Non-chronological storytelling with seven chapters. Expect a lot of reading!
* Romance, friendship and drama; apart from horror, this game puts heavy emphasis on relationships and character development.
* Seven playable characters with varying personality and approach to difficult situations.
* Countless butterfly effects; your choices heavily affect the story.
* Full English Voice Acting.
* Animated backgrounds, CGs and sprites.
* Beautifully painted art style.
* Original soundtrack, with opening, ending and true ending theme songs.
* Quick-Time Events.

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