The Global Version of “Honkai Impact 3rd” Has Landed

Honkai Impact 3rd gameplay
Please note that while Honkai Impact 3rd is available on Google Play, servers will not be available until 9:00 AM on March 28th (GMT-5). The initial game download is a little over 1gb, so gamers looking to start right when the servers go live have the chance to preload the game.Update: Servers are now up.

After wrapping up the game’s pre-registration campaign, miHoYo has launched the global version of Honkai Impact 3rd on Google Play. Honkai Impact 3rd is made up of two core components. The first is combat that takes place in the game’s various stages. Users take control of one of the Valkyries, the game’s powerful heroes as they take on waves of enemies. Players will need to dodge and time their attacks in order to maximize the amount of damage they can inflict on the enemy. The game’s other component, as is often the case, is powering up the Valkyries and equipping them with powerful stigmata that players can acquire in a variety of ways.

The game’s release puts it up against two other new mobile RPGs in Bandai Namco’s Sword Art Online: Integral Factor and Com2uS’ Chain Strike. Compared to the other two new releases, Honkai Impact 3rd offers more action driven gameplay. It is less hero collection driven than Chain Strike, but both games have put a lot of efforts in their visuals. It is also less social than Integral Factor, though it is still an online RPG experience. Like the recently released Master of Eternity, Honkai Impact 3rd also offers gamers a bit of moe content as they collect and interact with the game’s Valkyries. The other two new titles do not.

Please note that the Google Play page for the game’s global release is different from the previously available Southeast Asia and Oceania version.

Honkai Impact 3rd is free and contains in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

[Game Features]

  • Fully 3D visuals and stunning artwork
  • Smooth controls with complete 360° camera angles, hand-drawn artwork, gorgeous special effects, and an original live weather system all work together to deliver a gaming experience that is truly immersive.

  • Unique combat system that delivers intense and exciting combat gameplay
  • With Honkai Impact 3rd’s combat system, you can jump into battle using the unique evasion system, combo attacks, and other skills to control their Valkyries and find the fighting style that is truly your own!

  • Customizable loadouts with hundreds of weapons and stigmata
  • The spirits of brave warriors who once fought against the Honkai are waiting to be summoned as stigmata by the Valkyries! Equip these stigmata along with a variety of different weapons to find many interesting ways to synergize the Valkyries’ loadouts and skills!

  • Cute girls with unique personalities fighting together in a thrilling adventure
  • Build a base for the Valkyries and play through robust event stages… Whether in battle against the Honkai or just hanging out with the Valkyries at the base, you will form a bond with these special girls that will be too strong to ever break.

Interested? Check out the new action game on Google Play.

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