Gamers Will Soon Be Able to Explore the Human Body in Homo Machina

Homo Machina

Fresh off of the launch of the street art puzzle game Vandals, French publisher ARTE has announced that it will be releasing a new adventure game next month. Homo Machina is a highly stylized 2D adventure game inspired by the work of the influential German-Jewish physician Fritz Kahn.

Developed by Darjeeling, Homo Machina will take players on a journey through an industrial representation of the human body. Players will instruct workers as they control the body’s functions. That includes allowing the body to breathe, pump blood, and control emotions.

Fritz Kahn was a German physician who became famous for his illustrations of the human body. Some of these illustrations depicted the human body as a complex machine filled with numerous mechanisms and workers which serve as the inspiration for Homo Machina. A website dedicated to Fritz Kahn has more information on the scientist and infographics pioneer.

Homo Machina will be $4.49 when it is released on May 17th, 2018. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

 Young players will find a fun entry point into exploring the human body with the artistic expression in Homo Machina, with each level exuding charismatic animation and sound effects. The game makes it possible to operate the main functions of the human body with straightforward gameplay appealing everyone with its charm.

Players interested in learning more about the game can check out the game’s official website.

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