Home Street Tips & Tricks: How To Level Up Faster

Home Street Tips and Tricks

To unlock more decorations in Home Street you need to level up. These Home Street tips are here to give players some advice on the best way to level up. There are also some Home Street decorating tips and some miscellaneous things that will help you get the most out of the game.

The 8 most important items in Home Street

Measuring tape, power tool, and planks are used to increase your storage space. That makes them absolutely essential and something you should not list on the market under any circumstance. During a number of different parts of the game you will find yourself reaching your storage limit, putting yourself in a bind. Making sure to keep these items when you find them is absolutely essential if you want to level up quickly without having to manage space.

The calculator, encyclopedia and notepad do the same thing as the above items, only this time with memory. They allow you to store more thoughts, which is also extremely important for leveling up quickly. The notepad is a bit more common than the other items because it is also used to obtain social thoughts.

The stake and shovel are used to buy extra land. They are not quite as important to quick advancement, but still important if you want to have a large property. Like all the other items on this list, do not sell them, and like all the other items on the list (with the possible exception of the notepad) buy them if you ever see them on the market.

All of these items are sometimes given out as rewards for finishing jobs. This is the most important Home Street tips you will get, so it’s worth repeating, do not sell these items.

Home Street items

How to get vouchers in Home Streets

The game’s most valuable currency isn’t diamonds, it’s vouchers. Vouchers come in four colors, bronze, silver, gold, and rainbow. They’re used to purchase all sorts of furniture, clothing, character customization options, and tokens for events. They are the only currency that can be used to buy functional furniture, which gives its own rewards.

Vouchers can be obtained in a number of ways. Some quests give vouchers as rewards, but as they are one time only quests, they’re not a reliable way of getting what you need. The two best ways to get vouchers are through the weekly game show event and the cruise ship. The game show happens over the course of a week and gives players tasks to complete for game show points. As you obtain certain game show point milestones you are rewarded with a loot box that has a voucher in it. After reaching the first milestone you are also guaranteed a reward at the end of the week based on your rank at the end.

The cruise ship (which can be unlocked after getting to level 16) gives players a number of items they have to collect for the ship’s passengers. Each request has its own experience and gold reward, and completing all of the requests will give players a bonus including a voucher. Bonus jobs can also sometimes give out vouchers. Finally, you can take a look at the prize tent, which allows players to buy higher grade vouchers in exchange for bronze vouchers.

Home Street tips for jobs and tasks

If you want to level up quickly and unlock more stuff, your number one priority should always be to complete as many jobs and tasks as possible. The biggest mistake you can make? Trying to complete every single job or game show task you get. Sometimes you will receive tasks that require the same (or similar) items as one or two jobs you already have on your list. Or you might get a job that requires a lot of social thoughts you don’t have at the moment.

What can you do when you receive jobs that ask you to do too much? In Home Street you can simply delete them. You will have to wait 30 minutes to complete a new job. If the previous job would have required you to get a bunch of social thoughts, or overlapped with other jobs, that can actually save you a lot of time. Not all jobs are created equal.

Don’t forget that you can also buy some of the items you need on the market instead of making them yourself. That might cost you a few gold, but if you find items that are cheap enough, it won’t be much. Even if you wind up spending 20 gold on buying items for a job that only gives you 20 gold, you still wind up with experience that helps you level up.

If you ever find yourself out of space, either in your storeroom or memory, simply list a few unneeded items on the market.

How to get the most out of your social connections

Asking people on your friends list gets you friend / social thoughts, that’s the obvious part. Don’t forget that bookmarking your friends (or strangers) is important. If you bookmark another player you will be able to develop a relationship with them, and a good relationship means that the time need to generate social thoughts goes down. Bookmarking strangers also means that they will be added to your friends list, allowing you to help them with functional furniture and boat quests, and it will give you access to the items they have for sale on the market. To bookmark a person just visit their home and tap the bookmark button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Home Street bookmarking

Home Street tips for decorating

The biggest thing that people over look is that each room has four walls. The default setting only shows you two walls at a time, so people tend to ignore the two they don’t see and fail to apply wallpaper or decorations on them. To see every wall, you can rotate your camera so that it will show you parts that would have otherwise been hidden. Alternatively, you can also tap the wall icon in the upper right corner of the screen to show all walls.

Functional furniture is a big deal, and this is one of the most important Home Street tips on this page. Though it will cost you some valuable vouchers, it will also give you rewards beyond its appearance. First and foremost, functional furniture gives you gold and experience after each activity session (18 hours on some of the first items you can unlock). Second, it allows your friends and neighbors to help you out, which gives them helper points. Finally, it also means that the people that helped you activate that piece of furniture will hang out in your home, making it a more lively place.

To buy functional furniture, tap the shopping cart icon and go to the section with the magic hat icon. To activate functional furniture simply tap on that piece of furniture and select activate. Once active, your friends will see that you need them to help and hopefully stop by and give you a hand. To help a friend activate a piece of functional furniture, go to your friends list and look for friends with a red exclamation point (!). Visit that friend and tap the piece of furniture that needs to be activated. Alternatively the exclamation point might mean that your friend needs help with cruise ship tasks, so you can tap on the ship and help them out there.

Don’t forget, you can always pick up and rearrange your furniture by tapping and holding on a piece of furniture to pick it up. You can also store or sell items after you pick them up by tapping the red icon. You cannot sell some items. If you want to get an item out of storage, simply navigate to that item in the furniture shop, and it should state that you have 1 (or however many) of that item in your inventory. Then simply drag the item and drop it wherever you want to place it.

Hopefully these Home Street tips help you unlock more decorations, level up faster and get more out of the game.

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