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Home Street Review: The Best Casual Home Builder?

The Basics

  • Name: Home Street
  • Developer: Supersolid
  • Genre: Simulation, casual
  • Price: Free, with ads and IAPs

The Details

  • Installed size: 182 mb
  • Best played in short-medium sessions
  • Minor bugs experienced
  • Playable Offline: No

What is Home Street?

Home Street is a new simulation game that is in the same genre as The Sims franchise. Home Street has just wrapped up its soft launch and is now available worldwide. Players take the role of one character and are given a house when they start game. They can customize that house and character by buying all sorts of new furniture, flooring, new rooms, clothing etc. All of these items are unlocked as players level up and purchased using one of the game’s currencies.

To level up and to obtain the game’s basic currency, players must complete tasks given to them by their NPC neighbors. An early task has players make a painting by using a “creativity” thought (a basic ingredient in Home Street) on a drawing easel, a few seconds later the painting is done. All of the game’s tasks are essentially some variation of this, use a thought to create items that are needed for goals.

Of course it wouldn’t be a casual simulation game without social features, and Home Street has plenty of them. Players can visit their friend’s houses to check out their setup, invite their friends over in order to earn social thoughts, compete in various events, and more. Players can also join neighborhoods and chat with other Home Streeters.

Fancy Home Street home


Home Street offers a combination of home building / decorating and time management, with some depth. There are a lot of decorations to unlock and buy, and characters have a good amount of customization options from clothing to facial features like freckles. All of these things are unlocked at a steady rate as players level up by completing their tasks, creating a clear distinction between players who are new to the game and seasoned vets.

What players need to do to level up is where things get a little less interesting. All of the game’s tasks amount to time management, where players wait a minute to finish one item, wait three minutes to finish another, and hand everything in. It’s by no means anywhere near as shallow as some games, as players constantly need to manage their thoughts (ingredients), inventory space, and always have the option of hitting the player run market to buy items or thoughts. That being said, waiting on timers is rarely a satisfying experience, but the payoff of unlocking new decorations is worth it.

Aside from setting up your home and completing tasks to level up and unlock more cool stuff, Home Street’s presentation greatly benefits the game. Though character faces are not quite as good as they could have been, everything else about the game looks great. There are even options for players to change how they see the walls, or whether they want to hide them entirely. Players who are worried about in app purchases should be aware that just about everything in the game can be purchased or completed using premium currency. That includes completing tasks, setting up furniture, making up for missing ingredients when crafting, and more. Nevertheless, because the of the nature of the game, there really is no need to rush through content to unlock everything.

So if you’re interested in setting up and decorating a home, Home Street is your best bet at this time. That may change in the future as there is a looming battle between Home Street and two major rivals. Stay tuned for future reviews of the competition. Take a look at some Home Street tips & tricks to help you hit the ground running when you begin the game.

Great casual home decorating game
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Note: This review reflects the author’s views on the game at the time it was played. The state of the game may have changed since that time. Please note that installed size includes optional downloads where applicable.
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