The Impending Home Decor Battle: Home Street

Home Street, The Sims Mobile, Animal Crossing: Mobile

There may be a battle this holiday season in the world of home decorating centered simulation games. The Sims Mobile, Animal Crossing: Mobile Home Street are all either scheduled to, or are likely to have global launches before the end of 2017. They all offer, or are likely to offer in the case of Animal Crossing: Mobile, a casual game experience with a heavy emphasis on home building, decorating and social features. So before these games have their global launches, lets take a look at what’s shaping up to be an interesting battle between two gaming heavyweights and a relative newcomer. To start things off we have the underdog in this upcoming battle.

Home Street

Saying that Home Street is a relatively unknown game compared to Animal Crossing: Mobile and The Sims Mobile is a massive understatement. The latter two games belong to renowned franchises that each are among the most popular in gaming and are handled by two of the biggest video game developers and publishers around. So how can a relatively unknown development studio like England’s SuperSolid compete with these heavyweights? In a word, experience.

The core team at SuperSolid is made up of veteran of early social gaming company PlayFish, which was acquired by Electronic Arts and later shut down. Playfish made The Sims Social, Pet Society, and Restaurant City, along with many other social games. While these titles may not ring any bells for gamers who spend most of their time on console / PC games, they will certainly be familiar to people who spent time on Facebook between 2008 and 2013. These were games that attracted millions of users every month. Many of the people that worked on these games went on to form SuperSolid.

As a development studio, SuperSolid has released three games so far: Super Penguins, Adventure Town, and Food Street. Food Street and Super Penguins each have over 5 million downloads on Google Play alone. And now they are taking what they’ve learned from years at PlayFish and millions of downloads for their mobile titles and applying it to Home Street.

Home Street house
The home of one of my neighbors.

So what is Home Street? At first glance, it’s a Sims-like simulation game where players build and decorate their home. Look again, and you will see a lot of social elements and a game designed to get players hooked and turn them into willing Home Street evangelists. That is because social elements, timers and competition are tied into every part of the game. Players must craft items to complete tasks and earn money that can then be spent on upgrading their home. Tasks require items which take time to make and sometimes require players to be visited by friends. There are weekly competitions, neighborhoods (essentially guilds or clans), player to player markets, and more.

Home Street is now available world wide, after soft launch phase that included a head start for users in Canada nad parts of Southeast Asia. SuperSolid recently raised $4 million from a venture capital firm, which likely means they are getting ready invest in the promotion of Home Street when it has its global launch.

Fancy Home Street home
The luxurious home of an NPC
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