[Update] Hipsters Will Start Invading Coffee Shops Next Week

Hipster Attack
Update: The Hipser Attack release date has been pushed back to August 23rd, 2018.

Original story:
The anti-hipster take on Popcap’s Plants vs. Zombies is coming to Android, iOS, and Steam next week as Hipster Attack readies for battles between normal upstanding individuals and dirty hipsters.

Hipster Attack is a 5 lane tower defense game that has players place upstanding citizens that are tasked with keeping the hipster hordes at bay. There are multiple hipster varieties to defend against and friendly units to deploy as construction workers and cleaning staff try to defend their coffee shop from an onslaught of poets and music snobs. Much like plants are powered by sunshine, units in Hipster Attack are summoned using coffee and money.

Beyond just fueling units with coffee and cash, the game generally deviates from standard video game enemies and attack types. Instead of smokescreens, players will be able to summon urban traps filled with stylish sunglasses to distract the oncoming hipster hordes. When that fails, players can always try and turn hipsters into statues.

It’s a firmly tongue-in-cheek game with caricatured hipster archetypes that fear nothing more than job applications.

The game currently has a scheduled release of August 16, 2018 for its Android and iOS versions while the Steam release date is set for August 17.

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