Hipsters Are Set to Invade Google Play This Summer in Hipster Attack

Hipster Attack

It’s suits versus hipsters in Televisor Studio’s new tower defense game Hipster Attack, coming to Android, iOS and PC later this year.

The hipsters are invading and it’s up to regular people to keep them from taking over the coffee shop. That means doing whatever is necessary, from throwing job applications to trapping them with promises of stylish sunglasses.

Inspired by PopCap Games’ Plants vs. Zombies, Hipster Attack is a 5 lane tower defense game that has players place upstanding citizens that are tasked with keeping the hipster hordes at bay. There are multiple hipster varieties to defend against and friendly units to deploy as construction workers and cleaning staff try to defend their coffee shop from an onslaught of poets and music snobs. Much like plants are powered by sunshine, units in Hipster Attack are summoned using coffee and money.

As one might expect, it’s a that does not take itself too seriously and has plenty of hipster related humor.

Hipster Attack is coming to Android, iOS and PC later this summer.

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