Hero’s 2nd Memory Is a New Mobile Shooter RPG

Hero's 2nd Memory

East Moon has released its new role-playing shoot-em-up worldwide on Android. Hero’s 2nd Memory puts gamers in the role of a hero who appears in a world where monsters rule. Players are tasked with freeing humanity by taking on the game’s creatures in a series of SHMUP stages.

Hero’s 2nd Memory promises gamers over 100 hours of gameplay across its three difficulty levels. Players will have skills, potions, and different classes to choose from to help them conquer the game’s monsters.

Hero’s 2nd Memory is $0.99 and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

One day when humans and monsters were living together,
Man and monster started the war in the invasion of the devil who wanted to dominate human
The monster’s power grows, and a hero appears to save the human slaves.
The hero has succeeded in bringing down the devil, but he is lost the memory in the curse of the devil.
Where are the heroes ….

Interested? Check out the SHMUP RPG on Google Play.

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