Sandbox Horror Game Hello Neighbor Is Now on Android

Hello Neighbor

Publisher tinyBuild has released the mobile version of sandbox horror game Hello Neighbor on Android and iOS, letting gamers try the game for free for the first time.

Developed by Dynamic Pixels, Hello Neighbor is a first person horror game that has players sneak around their neighbor’s home in search of his deep dark secret.

Playing as a nosy neighbor, gamers are tasked with sneaking into their neighbor’s home and getting into the basement. The neighbor will of course attempt to catch the player, requiring some creative sneaking on the player’s part. The game’s selling point is an AI that tries to adapt to the player’s actions in order to block off familiar routes and keep players from repeatedly using the same strategy.

Hello Neighbor was originally released on PC in December 2017 after some time in open alpha testing and early access on Steam that dates back to 2016. The game has not been particularly well regarded by either fans or critics, with a 38/100 from critics on metacritic and 69% positive reviews on Steam. Most of the criticisms of the game involve frequent bugs and an AI that doesn’t quite live up to what’s promised.

Not long after Hello Neighbor became a viral hit with PC gamers, mobile clones and other apps trying to capitalize on the game’s popularity started popping up on Google Play and the App Store. Although most of these apps are shameless attempts at cashing in on a popular new game, there are currently dozens of them on Google play and some have managed to accumulate over 1 million downloads.

The mobile version of Hello Neighbor includes the first act of the game for free and the rest of the game can be acquired using in app purchases. Here’s a trailer with a look at the game:

Interested? Check out the horror game on Google Play.

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