Kemco’s Heirs of the Kings Now Available in English

Heirs of the Kings

Kemco’s newest RPG game is now available in English. Heirs of the Kings is the latest in a long line of role-playing games created by the Japanese developer.

The JRPG follows Grant as he stumbles upon Laura, a mysterious girl who has lost her memory and is being followed by an unknown pursuer.

Like many other Kemco games, Heirs of the Kings is a mixture of story cut-scenes, minor exploration elements, and turn-based battles. As players progress through Grant’s journey they will be able to strengthen their characters using the game’s Soul Map feature that lets players choose how they want their character to progress.

Kemco has a large library of JRPGs that have adopted the style of 16-bit era games. Most of the company’s games are some mixture of story and turn based combat, harking back to the days of old school RPGs. Despite the appearance and assets used in Kemco’s games, they are not created with RPG Maker.

Heirs of the Kings is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

Strengthen Abilities with Soul Maps
Each character has their own unique Soul Map. You can select and strengthen abilities as you desire. Soul maps expand alongside character growth. Develop the party members’ abilities just as you wish!

Weapon Customization and Arenas
The game is full of satisfying content! Collect material to customize your weapons. Test your strength at one of the Arenas!

Theme Song
The game features a theme song sung by Eri Kitamura, famous as a voice actor in Japanese animation!

Interested? Check out the RPG on Google Play.

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