Heir of Light’s RE:START Update Brings A Lot of Changes

Heir of Light RE:Start

Gamevil’s Heir of Light has received a major new update that has added new characters, a transcendence system, and more to the dark hero collection RPG. Titled RE:START, the Heir of Light update has also brings a few requested features, tweaks, and a new dungeon area.

The new transcendence system allows players with maxed out masters and servants to become even stronger. Transcending a character will improve their stats and raise their level cap, bringing it up to level 66 for transcend level 3 characters.

The powered up characters can be used to take on the 11th floor of the magic and elemental dungeons where players can obtain more powerful items.

Among the more notable additions in the RE:START update is the addition of Lenore, a new candelabra sword wielding 5 star servant. There are also three new avatars available for users to collect from packs. Also of note is the addition of what many mobile gamers likely take for granted, a friend system. Heir of Light players can now add allies and send them friend points that can be used to recharge valor and PVP tokens.

The patch notes for the game are lengthy and contain a lot more than the usual “bug fixes and performance improvements” that gamers might be used to seeing. The new update is an attempt to address some of the feedback that Heir of Light’s developers have received, as well as add more content for current players. For more details, users can check out the full path notes on the game’s Hive page.

To celebrate the major update, players can receive a guaranteed 5 star summon.

Heir of Light is a hero collection RPG developed by Funflow and published by Gamevil that launched earlier this year. The game offers a darker aesthetic than most gacha games but generally does not offer much in terms of innovative combat. Instead the game focuses on team building as players find the right combination of masters and servants to form a strong party. Along with the master-servant party building, the game also offers players a unique world map that allows them to choose how they want to progress and unlock content.

Heir of Light is free and contains in app purchases. The gacha RPG is available on Google Play.

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