Harald: A Game of Influence – A New Android Card Game

Harald: A Game of Influence

Asmodee Digital has released their second Android game of the past week with Harald: A Game of Influence. Harald is a card game that tasks players with taking on the role of a village leader with the goal of getting the attention of the king. To do that players will need to the most points by playing their cards in such a way that maximizes their skills and counters their opponent’s strategy. With slightly more unusual goals than the average card game, Harald may take some time to pick up.

Harald: A Game of Influence is available on Google Play for $2.99 without ads or in app purchases. It features a solo mode and online multiplayer. Here’s an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description and the official trailer for those that want more information on the game.

There are six different characters, each with a different function and power. Discover the Wolf/scout, the Lynx/merchant, the Fox/bard, the Bear/warrior, the Goat/seafarer; the Boar/blacksmith. Discover each character’s ability and use them in order to overtake your opponents!
Each animal will give you the ability to make a move at the end of your turn: you can steal cards from your adversary, try to exchange his or your cards with the council in order to play in your favor, return cards to erase their points or just place a good card on the top of the pile! Whatever you choose, decide wisely how to make the most of every move!

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