GungHo’s Next Game Is The Card Game Chrono Ma:gia

Chrono Ma:gia

Thanks to the rise of one of the biggest mobile gacha games, Puzzle & Dragons, GungHo Online Entertainment has become a recognizable name in mobile gaming. The company’s only other game available in North America right now is the puzzle platformer Dokuro, but that is about to change. GungHo have begun a pre-registration campaign for their upcoming card game Chrono Ma:gia.

Chrono Ma:gia is billed as a “next-gen card game”, and it does offer some promising features. The idea is that the right mixture of skills, characters and cards will win the day. That means more stuff to collect, and more potential for strategic depth. Players will be able to compete against opponents around the world in real time, and international tournaments are planned.

At this time Google Play pre-registration is limited to select regions including Canada, the United States, Japan, and Australia.

Chrono Ma:Gia pre-registration rewards will be given out to all users based on the total number of people who follow the game’s social media accounts and pre-register on Google Play. Links and further details are available on the game’s official website. Here are the pre-registration tiers and their rewards:

  • 100,000 users: Lucky Pack (1 card)
  • 200,000 users: 1,000 Pieces for card & gifted unlocks (250 for each of the four card types)
  • 300,000 users: Standard Pack (3 cards)
  • 400,000 users: 2,000 Pieces for card & gifted unlocks (500 for each of the four card types)
  • 500,000 users: Super Luck Pack (1 card, guaranteed rare or better)

Chrono Ma:gia will be free to play and contain in app purchases when it launches. The game’s scheduled launch date is sometime this Spring. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and an anime promo video with more information:

[Game Details]
Attention all card game players…
Presented by Daisuke Yamamoto, creator of international hit smartphone game Puzzle & Dragons: CHRONO MA:GIA! This original competitive card game boasts approachable game play and deep strategy.

Do battle with knights, dragons, spells, and a variety of other card types. Compete in real time with players from across the world!

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