gudetama tap! now available worldwide

Gudetama Tap!

Sometimes it’s best to start the week off with something a little odd, and CyberStep’s new game is certainly that. gudetama tap! is a cooking game & clicker featuring Gudetama, a character from Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty.

The Gudetama character is an egg yolk that’s better known in Japan than other parts of the world. It is depicted as being lazy and is often a part of a variety of different egg dishes.

In gudetama tap! players create a bunch of different dishes that feature the famous egg yolk. Once prepared, players can poke their new creation to gain GP (Gudetama points), bringing in the game’s clicker elements. As players advance they can make more Gudetama dishes and earn even more GP. There are some AR features thrown in there that let you place Gudetama in real world situations, but beyond that there is not a lot in terms of gameplay.

As part of the game’s launch celebration players will receive 15 different items that will help them get their Gudetama collection going. Along with the launch celebration items, new players will also receive a batch of pre-registration rewards that include a dozen golden eggs (the game’s premium currency).

gudetama tap! is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a Japanese trailer that should give players an idea of the game’s sensibilities:

  • Introducing new “gudetama”!
  • New types of “gudetama” have been added!
    Get specialty gudetama like “Themed gudetama” from around the world and “Limited edition gudetama”!
    The more gudetama you have, the more rare gudetama you can make!

  • Get “gudetama” with the Eggarapon!
  • Use “GP (gudetama points)” or “Golden Eggs” you earn from poking “gudetama”,
    and you can spin the Eggarapon to get new gudetama and in-game items!
    Just be careful that the eggs you get don’t run away!
    Don’t miss your chance to get egg-citing gudetama that are only available in the Eggarapon!

Interested? Check out the oddball game on Google Play.

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