“Guardians: A Torchlight Game” Brings Some Dungeon Crawling to Mobile

Guardians: A Torchlight Game

Perfect World has released an early access version of Torchlight Mobile, now titled Guardians: A Torchlight Game on Android in certain regions. Guardians is an original game that is based on the Torchlight series that was originally developed by Runic Games. It keeps the combination of steampunk and fantasy elements that helped define Torchlight and adapts the gameplay to be more in line with what mobile gamers are used to. The core of the game is now separated into bite sized quests with 3 star ratings based on various achievements, loot is not quite as plentiful, and the game is of course free to play.

Guardians: A Torchlight Game offers users 4 different classes to start the game, with a number of appearance options (including gender choices). Each class has its own unique abilities and equipment. Controls are handled using a virtual joystick on one side of the screen and a virtual attack buttons on the other. Unlike many games that follow this familiar control scheme, Guardians puts an emphasis on avoiding enemy attacks. As far as games that try to emulate the magic of the Diablo franchise, Torchlight was always at the top of the heap on PC, and Guardians: A Torchlight Game clearly tries to do the same on mobile.

Guardians: A Torchlight Game is free and contains in app purchases. It is only available in select regions at this time, including Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description with more information:


  • Game Play: Mapworks, Phase Stage, Phase Maze, Guild War, Glory Arena etc.
  • Characters: 4 different characters. Each Character has different skills and equipment.
  • Guild: An in-game social network. You can meet friends and family.
  • Skills: Each character has 6 skill cores. Combining 2 cores can get 1 whole new skill. There are more than 120 different skill combinations!
  • Randomization: Random Maps, Random Monsters, Random Drops, Random Effects. Join us and find your first legendary drop.
  • Pet: Collect different pets in the game. Your Pet is a strong partner and will help you through the adventure.
  • Fishing: Many different new fishing areas in the game. You can find more than a hundred different fishes.

Guardians: A Torchlight Game gameplay

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