Fairy Tale Inspired Gacha Game “Grimms Notes” Now Available In English

Grimms Notes

Flero Games has just released a new update for the international version of Grimms Notes and the update added the option to play the game in English. Grimms Notes is a gacha RPG featuring anime-style characters inspired by classic fairy tales.

Grimms Notes takes place in world where every person has their own Book of Fate that determines who they are and their role in life. The game’s hero just so happens to have blank Book of Fate that allows him to live a life that’s quite different from those around him. The game’s story takes place in visual novel style cut scenes.

Grimms Notes combat gives players control over their hero’s movement and attacks, allowing them to create combos using the game’s one touch controls. The controls do not offer the same degree of freedom as action RPGs like the recently released Dawn Break, but they do give players the ability to do something in battle other than watch and activate skills.

The game was originally released by Square-Enix in Japan 2016, since then it has accumulated over 1 million downloads on Google Play alone. In 2017 it was announced that Flero Games would be handling the international release of the game, and they released the game in Korean last year. Instead of releasing an English version of the game they have opted to add English as a language option for the version they released lat year.

Flero Games is a South Korean publisher that has previously released Goddess Kiss, Everytown, and My Secret Bistro.

Grimms Notes is free and contains in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:


  • Amazing action with simple controls! 
  • Simple Controls. Magnificent combo, and superlative skills. 
    Enjoy the strategic battles!
    – Customize your party’s formation with various roles.
    – Strategically manage your heroes’ skills and weapons.

  • Familiar and charming characters from fairy tales! 
  • [Snow White], [Cinderella], [Alice in Wonderland]
    [Red Riding Hood], [Phantom], and [Romeo and Juliet]!
    Characters from familiar fairy tales will be your heroes!

  • No stamina evolution system! 
  • Increase battle difficulty and fight without restriction.
    Power up, Speed up, and Rank up!
    Strengthen your own heroes and weapons.
    No more stamina stress!
    Enjoy game as much as you want!

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