Gravity Rider Tips & Tricks: Free Chests, Beating Red, and Getting Faster

Gravity Rider

Beating Dr. Red and some of the game’s target times can sometimes be challenging, but there are a number of Gravity Rider tips and tricks that players can use to get to the finish like a lot faster. Plus find out how to get free Gravity Rider chests, gold, and gems.

Don’t Just Sit There

When you come to a timed barrier such as a bridge or moving laser wall, don’t just sit there. Move back a bit using the break/reverse button. Then, right before the obstacle moves out of the way, hit the gas. This lets you accelerate before you pass the obstacle, leaving anyone who was sitting there waiting in the dust.

Loops are for suckers

Gravity Rider tips: loops
Avoid loops whenever possible to save time.

Going through a loop looks like a lot of fun and it can seem like you’re going fast. You are not not, you’re just wasting time in most cases. What you want to do when approaching a loop is slow down right as you are about to enter it, and instead of going up for the jump go under the loop and keep going. This will save you some serious time in a lot of races against Dr. Red and online opponents.

There are exceptions, where loops are necessary in order to make a certain jump, but these are rare.

Big Air Can Be a Big Waste

Sure, going high up in the air looks cool and it can give you the chance to do back and front flips, but you know what it doesn’t help you do? Get to the finish line faster. Many of the game’s steep jumps send you flying high into the air but don’t help you move forward along the track very much. That time flying through the air often doesn’t help you get to the finish line any faster.

What you should try doing is taking your finger off of the gas when approaching jumps that would send you high into the air. This leads to smaller jumps that let you get back on the ground faster, speeding towards the finish line.

A Strange Trick or Bug

When you crash, you’re usually sent back to your last checkpoint nearly right away. There is one big exception. If the tumbling rider gets to the next checkpoint after crashing, you will start at that checkpoint. This can sometimes lead to surprisingly big gains as otherwise reckless maneuvers pay off, it’s also extremely hard to do on purpose.

Free Gravity Rider Chests, Gems, and Gold

Here is everything that Gravity Rider gives you in exchange for ads:

  • One free 5 card chest every few hours (up to 3 can be stored in the store) in exchange for watching a video ad.
  • One level up chest each time you gain a level
  • The ability to instantly open any chest with less than 1 hour required by watching an ad
  • The ability to cut down the time needed to open a chest in half by watching an ad if the time is over 1 hour. That means a 24 hour chest becomes a 12 hour chest, and a 1.5 hour chest becomes a 45 minute chest.


  • Free gold from the shop every few hours by watching an ad.
  • The chance to double the amount of gold earned in races in exchange for watching an optional ad
  • Free bike part upgrades in cases where the cost of an upgrade is 1000 gold or less, in exchange for watching an ad. You still need to have the required cards.
  • Half off of the cost of a bike part upgrade in exchange for watching an ad if the cost is greater than 1000 gold.


  • A small amount of free Gravity Rider gems in exchange for watching an ad in the game’s shop.

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