Stunt Racer ‘Gravity Rider’ Now Available Worldwide

Gravity Rider

Vivid Games’ futuristic Trials inspired racing game Gravity Rider may not officially launch until September 7, 2018, but Android gamers around the world can now try out the stunt racer.

Gravity Rider has players try and navigate increasingly difficult courses filled with a wide range of obstacles to overcome, dangers to avoid, and opportunities to catch some air. Players will need to manage their speed and keep their balance as they avoid spikes, knock down blocks to create bridges, go upside down through loops, and fly through the air.

The game features a number of different upgradeable motorcycles and other vehicles for players to ride as they go for the fastest time. The upgrades available are both cosmetic and functional, helping players get better course times and maintain their balance.

Vivid Games is a Polish mobile game development studio that is best known for the hit Real Boxing franchise, with the series’ first entry game accumulating more than 10 million downloads through Google Play alone. More recently it launched procedurally generated sci-fi action game Space Pioneer and the action packed Mayhem Combat.

Gravity Rider is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is a trailer with a look at the game:

Interested? Check out the stunt racer on Google Play.

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