GrandChase M to Shut Down Next Month

GrandChase M

Another free to play online RPG is coming to an end as Da Vinci Games announces the closure of GrandChase M. Based on the PC sidescrolling online RPG Grand Chase which first launched in 2003, the mobile GrandChase M will shut down after three years of service.

GrandChase M was, for the most part, a basic hero collection RPG in the same vein as Heroes Charge. Players had a bunch of different heroes to collect, power up, and take into battle without much control once they entered each of the game’s stages. GrandChase M should not be confused with GrandChase for KaoKao, an entirely different game that is only available in Korea at this time.

The game will shut down on August 10th, 2018. In a move that’s not always made when shutting down a game, Da Vinci Games has announced that players who have purchased premium currency remaining in their account can request a refund.

Those wanting to jump back in to the game or try it for the first time will have to hurry, as the game is set to be removed from Google Play on July 5th.

GrandChase M is the latest in a constantly growing list of online free to play games that have had their closure announced in the past year. Though the game has lasted significantly longer than the soon to be shut down ArcheAge Begins or the just shut down Puzzle Fighter, it’s nonetheless a blow to the game’s fans. It should be noted that with few exceptions, games that are shut down rarely have a lot of active users remaining when the announcement is made.

GrandChase M was free and contained in app purchases.

Interested in playing the game before it’s shut down? Check out the soon to be shuttered RPG on Google Play.

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