Grab Lab is Timberman Developer’s Newest Game

Grab Lab

Timberman and Risky Rescue developer Digital Melody has launched Grab Lab, a new arcade puzzle game featuring zany characters and lots of levels to play through.

After a failed attempt at time travel, the world is thrown into chaos as gravity and other forces start behaving strangely. Players are tasked with collecting vials and time machine parts in order to bring the world back to its original state.

In practice that means 100+ levels of puzzle solving that requires both timing and strategy as players avoid spikes, saw blades and other hazards. Users are are armed with a grabber / grappling hook that will help them quickly get across the room, grabbing any collectibles or running into any hazards along the way. The catch is that players are constantly running and quick decision making can be the difference between picking up a vial and running into a spinning saw blade.

Unlike the recently release Up Left Out, Grab Lab is definitely not a relaxing puzzle solving experience. The game’s focus is more on making things challenging (perhaps even frustrating), and failure is a part of the game.

Beyond just the puzzles the game has 30+ different playable characters to unlock using the game’s character mixing mechanic.

Grab Lab is free and contains ads and in app purchases.

Interested? Check out the new puzzle game on Google Play.

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