6 Great Android Puzzle Games Worth Playing

Best Android puzzle games

Here are 6 of the best Android puzzle games Available. These games range from simple to complex, and are a must try for anyone looking for games that focus on the brain instead of your fast twitch muscles.


Perhaps one of the most underappreciated Android puzzle games around, Transmission is an essential game that every Android owner who enjoys puzzle games should try. It starts off simple and slowly evolves into a great challenging experience. Amazingly, Transmission is playable offline, free, ad-free and doesn’t have in app purchases or invasive permissions. There’s no excuse for not one of the best Puzzle games on mobile a try.

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With it’s charming art style and simple gameplay, it’s no surprise Threes! has quickly become a classic that has led to many similar games such as 2048. The goal is simple, combine tiles on your way to getting a high score, but as you progress things get more and more complicated and each move could be the difference between a new high score and game over. Threes! has both an ad-supported free version, and an ad-free paid version. No matter which version you go with, Threes! is fantastic.

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Lara Croft GO

Lara Croft GO is an excellent puzzle game set various caves, jungles and other exotic locales. You control Lara Croft as she moves from tile to tile avoiding enemies, traps, and collecting treasure. Lara Croft GO is a paid game that I have no trouble recommending to puzzle lovers.

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The Room

The Room, and its sequels helped popularize the escape puzzle game genre on mobile. Your goal is to discover the secrets hidden in the environment and then solve the puzzles that they contain. There’s an excellent amount of variety here, and a great sense of accomplishment as you solve the game’s numerous puzzles. The Room, The Room Two, The Room Three, and The Room: Old Sins are all worth a purchase.

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Hook is a well made puzzle game that’s easy to pick up and play through. It’s definitely a bit short, and isn’t quite as challenging as many of the other puzzle games out there, but it’s a satisfying puzzle experience. I like to think of this game as an artistic take on untying your tangled headphones cord. Your goal is to pull the various lines in the correct order as you move through the game’s levels. While Hook might not be a must play like the other games on the list, it’s a relaxing and enjoyable experience I would recommend for someone looking for a more mellow puzzle game.

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Tents and Trees Puzzles

Tents and Trees is a classic logic puzzle game in the same vein as sudoku. Players are tasked with placing one (and online one) tent next to each tree on the game board, without any of the tents touching and with the required number of tents in each row and column. It’s a simple concept and the game gives players hundreds of levels to play through, from small grids to massive 18 by 18 boards. Like sudoku, there should be no need for guesses and there are no timers or scores to worry about as players try to finish each of the game’s levels. Tents and Trees is free and contains optional ads and in app purchases that let players unlock more levels right away. Tents and Trees is one of the best Android puzzle games because it offers players a ton of levels of brain teasing logic puzzles, all with a clean art style and the ability to play in both portrait and landscape mode.

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