OutBox’s Runner Brawler Golem Rage Is Now On Android

Golem Rage

Players looking to rampage their way across their smartphone now have a new game that lets them do just that. OutBox’s Golem Rage has players run through the game’s levels while throwing, bashing, or rolling into any enemies that stand in their way.

While they take care of anyone or anything path players will need to be mindful of avoiding traps and projectiles that can take a bite out of their health bar. They will also need to move away from any furniture or other objects that block their path and slow them down as they try to finish each stage as quickly as possible. The game promises 52+ levels across seven different environments filled with 11 different types of enemies.

Those looking to give the game a try before committing to making a purchase can download the demo on Google Play.

Golem Rage is $3.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

Learn to control your Golem, how to bash crowds of coward castle Knights with your punch, avoid poorly targeted arrows, grab & punch crazy bombers, roll away from meteor rains or gigantic shields dashing at you, use your lava explosion on hardcore tornadoes, more bombs, bigger castle Knights … Even lasers. Explosions. Hardcore.
And a Time Wizard. Yeah.

Interested? Check out the runner brawler hybrid on Google Play.

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