Defend or Destroy the City in “”

After an early-access phase, Jelly Button Games’ has been released. As with other .io games, has a focus on multiplayer matches that are easy for gamers to jump into. Players choose from a selection of 10 different units and then go in and try to take down monsters.’s units include mechs, soldiers, armored vehicles, and helicopters, with each unit having its own strengths and weaknesses. Unlike other io games, features teams of numerous players teaming up against one or more players who takes the role of rampaging monsters. There are also no levels to be gained during matches, instead players power up their characters using equipment cards found in the game’s loot crates. is the latest in a long list of simple multiplayer games that have made their way to mobile since the release of in 2015. Games with the .io label tend to focus on multiplayer matches where players level up and acquire new abilities during each match. These games tend to have a focus on fast PVP action rather than the ranked play or competitive gameplay that the Mutliplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre is known for. Though they are often labeled as such, other games have adopted the same basic gameplay philosophy, including Crash of Tanks and the recently released BarbarQ. As mentioned earlier, doesn’t quite fit into this category because it focuses on leveling up outside of matches and ranks, rather than having a good deal of a player’s power be determined by their play in each match. is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description with more information:

Choose from a variety of 10 fearless units and defend the city from a fierce monster! Each unit has its own set of abilities that can be upgraded as you progress in the game! Collect and upgrade your weaponry and use your skills as a soldier, armored vehicle or army helicopter to defeat the monsters.

The action is so addictive you just might BECOME A MONSTER yourself, wreaking havoc upon the city!

You won? Get chests which will unlock powerful abilities and give you rewards that will help you progress throughout your adventure, shooting and blasting all the way to the top!

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