Open Beta For Strategy RPG Girls’ Frontline Has Started

Girls' Frontline beta

Players can now try out the open beta for Sunborn Games’ new RPG. Girls’ Frontline is a strategy RPG featuring anthropomorphic firearms as characters. Players in the game will be able to collect and battle over 100 different characters, named T-Dolls, based on famous firearms. That might mean a character based on the iconic prohibition era Thompson Submachine Gun, the Walter WA 2000 sniper rifle, or many other historic and modern guns. Each of these games’ characters also wields the gun they are named after.

The game’s T-Dolls will be the player’s tools for defending the world from chaos. Girls’ Frontline is set in a futuristic world that has undergone widespread destruction during and after World War III, and the world’s governments have mostly fallen apart. Players will be tasked with commanding their T-Dolls against hordes of enemies as they try to defend what is left of civilization.

From a gameplay standpoint, this means building optimal teams of T-Dolls and setting out to tackle the game’s numerous stages. Unlike most hero collection games, the stages in Girls’ Frontline have a tactical board game style layout. Players need to move their team across the game board and capture their opponent’s command base. That might mean choosing a path that has fewer enemies but takes longer, or taking on the enemy head on. It might also mean capturing more or fewer tiles along the way.

The game’s actual battles are a mostly hands off experience. The two sides shoot at each other until one side is defeated. The only input players have in the battles themselves is choosing when to use a unit’s skill.

Thanks to the game’s pre-registration campaign, all players will receive some in-game bonuses during their first few days with the game. Players will also receive some bonus items in their in-game mailbox thanks to a social sharing event that was held prior to the game’s launch.

Please note that is that the client used in the game’s closed beta is not compatible with the open beta test, meaning players who tried out the game earlier will need to reinstall the game.

Girls’ Frotnline is free and contains in app purchases. As this is an open beta, players should expect to encounter a few bugs and glitches. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:

【Game Features】

  • Strategic mobilization and maneuvers
  • Gain the upper hand in battles through the use of operation strategies on maps that enable free deployment and withdrawal of multiple teams!

  • Hands-on battles in real time
  • Have the frontline engage enemies and the backline deal damage. Turn the tables by changing your T-Dolls’ formation and position during battle!

  • Character cultivation and skill upgrade
  • Cultivate your T-Dolls by leveling up their skills, dummy-linking and calibrating their equipment to enhance their performance in battle!

  • An illustrious cast of voice actors
  • Enjoy the magnificent performance brought by A-list Japanese voice actors such as Rie Kugimiya, Yui Horie, Ai Kayano, and Haruka Tomatsu!

Interested? Check out the strategy RPG on Google Play.

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