Ghostbusters World Is a New AR Game Coming This Year

Ghostbusters World

4:33 announced that it is working with Sony Pictures Entertainment, Ghost Corps, and NextAge to create an augmented reality game based on the Ghostbusters franchise. Ghostbusters World will have players take on ghosts from the franchise’s movies as well as original ghosts created for the game.

Although little has been said about the game itself there is a bit of information available. The game will allow players to battle and capture hundreds of ghosts from the Ghostbusters universe, including the movies and all of the other forms that the franchise has taken over the years. The game promises skill based gameplay. The brief footage shown of the game on Google’s blog shows a player capturing a slime in what is sure to look just a tad familiar to veterans of Pokemon GO. It shows the player using their phone to aim their proton pack at the slime before capturing it in a ghost trap.

Announced as part of Google’s ARCore 1.0 push, a brief demo of the game will be available in Google’s booth at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. Like Apple’s ARKit, Google’s ARCore is set up to make developing augmented reality applications easier on compatible smartphones. At this time only a handful of devices support ARCore, but Google has said that they are working with device makers to bring ARCore to future devices.

Sung-Jin Han, CEO of 4:33 on the upcoming game:

“We are thrilled to work with Sony Pictures Entertainment and Ghost Corps to bring the iconic Ghostbusters franchise to life. Fans will have the opportunity to take a walk through an immersive game environment that merges our everyday world with the many ghosts from the Ghostbusters Universe. It’s an unparalleled experience!”

4:33 (FourThirtyThree) is a Korean publisher that is quickly making a name for itself across the world. The company is best known for Monster Super League and Seven Guardians but has also released horseback archery game Battle of Arrow and the on-rails PVP focused shooter Mafia Revenge. Along with Ghostbusters World 4:33 is set to release strategy game Battle Boom soon and DC Unchained sometime later this year.

Here’s a teaser for the upcoming Ghostbusters World, which is scheduled to be released on Android and iOS sometime in 2018:

Interested? Check out the game’s official website.

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