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Geostorm: A New Puzzle Game Now Available

Sticky Games has released a new movie tie-in game for the upcoming disaster movie Geostorm. The game lets users play as three different characters as they encounter natural disasters in locations around the world. According to the developer, a new location and character are coming soon.

What that really involves is turn-based puzzle solving. Geostorm is very much a game that takes its inspiration from the Square Enix / Eidos GO franchise. That is not a criticism, the GO games are fantastic. In Geostorm players move across a dangerous post-disaster environment as they navigate their way to the exit in each level. That might involve pushing a desk to get to a ledge, breaking glass with an axe, or sliding a barrel filled with fuel across the ice to cause a collision and destroy a barrier.

Geostorm (the movie) will be in theaters on October 20th (in North America), the game is available now on Google Play. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description and an official trailer with more information:

• Three different characters in three different locations around the world.
• Survive a tsunami, the deadly cold, and a lightning storm.
• Experience immersive audio and atmospheric stylized 3D graphics.
• Hours of challenging gameplay!
• Escape with all the essential data and save mankind!

Interested? Check out Geostorm on Google Play

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